About Us

Our Approach

Privacy and safety are the most important things to us. A lot of people have great stories about their experiences of being LBGTQ+ in a science field but that isn't true for everyone. For that reason, we do not hold public events, or ever give out anyone's information. We would like to start small and do nothing more than facilitate a few nice connections between people who have similar experiences.

Our Approach

Our Story

Origin Story

I had a friend group in the local physics club and I discovered that we were all queer. I started to realise that there are a lot more LGBTQ+ people in the physics community than I had ever expected. I wanted a way to make each LGBTQ+ physicists feel less alone, and this website/organization is how I decided to go about doing that.

Very quickly a small group of people from all across Canada said that they would love to help grow and shape this organization into something valuable for all the queer physicists out there. Together we are starting to form a community and we are continually finding more and more ways to help those who might need it. Read about each of us below.


The Team

Jordan Lasuik


Jordan is a Pansexual MSc. student studying theoretical astrophysics at the University of Manitoba. Research topics include: Cosmic ray propagation, turbulent magnetic fields, and numerical analysis of both ordinary and partial differential equations. Jordan goes by He/Him pronouns.

Email: jlasuik@live.com Website: www.jordanlasuik.com

Daniel Trotter


Dan is a transgender MSc. student (he/him pronouns) studying theoretical neurophysics at the University of Ottawa. Research interests include: neuronal modelling, local-field potential oscillations, mixture models and synaptic transmission.

Email: dtrot074@uottawa.ca

Celeste-Melize Ferrus


Celeste-Melize Is a Bi-Sexual BSc. Co-Op student halfway done with her Specialization in Physics at Concordia University. She is the Business Development Director of her school's rocketry team and President for a STEM outreach project for Haiti.
Research topics include: Organic Semiconductors

Email: celeste.ferrus@spaceconcordia.ca

Anna Marriott


Anna is a lesbian PhD student studying Medical Physics at Dalhousie University. Her research involves development of novel MRI pulse sequences to track contrast agents, aiding in characterization of immunotherapies. Anna uses she/her pronouns.

Email: Anna.Marriott@dal.ca