Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CQiP is a very new organization, and as such we will be adding to our FAQ as we get more input from all of you.

I would like to be part of this new organization, how do I go about joining the team?

You can contact us at with a short description of yourself and what you think you can add to the team. Along with any ideas you have to make this project better.

I registered for the Out List over a week ago and am not listed on it yet. What happened?

Please personally send us an email with your Out List information. The webhost is not 100% reliable at sending us the email forms from registration. It is also possible that I am travelling and can not edit the site for a couple weeks. If you send us an e-mail I will at least be able to tell you when I can make the next update.

There is no one at my school on the Out List. How can I talk to people with my same experiences?

Visit our Forum page, or our Facebook group.  They don't get used too much but don't be nervous, we love interacting with everyone!