Out List

What is the Out List?

The Out List is exactly what it sounds like. A list of people who are out as LGBTQ+. It is of course a volunteer only list, which you are free to remove yourself from at any time for any reason. It serves both to show the scientific community that we exist, as well as to show LGBTQ+ people that they have people they can connect with at their universities.

Why Join the Out List?

The Out List is essentially a system of support for people who feel uneasy in their current situation. People on the Out List are there to provide support to others at their university who might not feel as safe as the Out List member in coming out. You will be able to show others at your school that they are not alone, and if they ever need, you are a safe person to talk to about their LGBTQ+ issues and experiences.

The Two Out Lists

We have two separate Out Lists. One for people who are LGBTQ+, and one for allies of the LGBTQ+ community.  Please know that it is very important for us to have both LGBTQ+ people and our allies join the Out List. They provide similar but slightly different systems of support and are both vital to a healthy community.


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For Allies

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To Change Current Outlist Info

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LGBTQ+ Out List

NameSchoolPositionSexualityGenderField of StudyE-Mail
Jordan LasuikUniversity of ManitobaGraduate StudentpansexualmaleTheoretical Astrophysicsjordanlasuik@gmail.com
Norina JimenoUniversity of ManitobaUndergraduate StudentbisexualfemalePhysicsninabjimeno@hotmail.com
Emma McKayUniversity of WaterlooMaster's Studentqueernonbinaryemma.m.mckay@gmail.com
Daniel TrotterUniversity of OttawaMasters Studentstraighttransmandtrot074@uottawa.ca
Lindsay LeBlancUniversity of AlbertaFacultyAtomic physics
Hannah WakelingMcGill UniversityGraduate StudentQueerFemaleHigh Energy Particle Physicshannah.wakeling@mail.mcgill.ca
Frankie PolakQueen's UniversityUndergraduate StudentBisexualNonbinaryPhysicsfrankie.polak@gmail.com
Mark RichardsonQueen's UniversityStaffGayMaleAstrophysicsMark.Richardson@queensu.ca
Claire GuimondMcGill UniversityGraduate StudentQueerFemaleAstrophysicsclaire.guimond@gmail.com
Anna MarriottDalhousie UniversityGraduate StudentGayFemaleMedical Physicsanna.o.marriott@gmail.com
Maxime BoissonneaultUniversité LavalResearch AssistantGayMalequantum physics/high performance computing
Sarah RourkeUniversity of WaterlooUndergraduate StudentQueerFemalePhysics & Astronomysarourke@uwaterloo.ca
Jacen ShuUniversity of WaterlooundergradAsexual¯\_(ツ)_/¯physics and astronomy
Alysa ObertasUniversity of TorontoPhD CandidateQueerWomanAstronomy & Astrophysics
Alex McPheeUniversity of AlbertaUndergraduatePanMaleGeophysics (Specialization)awmcphee@ualberta.ca
Justine MunichSimon Fraser UniversityPhD StudentAsexual PanromanticFluidAntihydrogen/fundamental symmetries
Sam ConnollyQueen's UniversityUndergraduate StudentBisexualNon binaryPhysicss.connolly@queensu.ca
Robert RutledgeMcGillAssociate ProfessorBisexualMaleAstrophysicsrutledge@physics.mcgill.ca
Kris PoduskaMemorial UniversityProfessor/HeadCondensed Matter Physics
Marielle StoutjesdykUniversity of Lethbridge StudentGayFemalePhysics
Celeste FerrusConcordia UniversityUndergraduate StudentBisexualWomanSpecialization - Physics

Allies+ Out List

NameSchoolPositionGenderField of StudyLGBTQ+ Issue Familiarity (Self-Reported 1(min)-5(max))E-Mail
Laura Stiles-ClarkeSaint Mary's UniversityPart Time FacultywomanPhysics Education2Laurastilesclarke@gmail.com
Electra EleftheriadouUniversity of British ColumbiaSessional Lecturer womanPhysics/Physics Education3
Jacob KrichUniversity of OttawaProfessormaleCondensed Matter Theory4jkrich@uottawa.ca
Gerald GwinnerUniversity of ManitobaProfessormaleSubatomic physics2gwinner@physics.umanitoba.ca
Chris RuizTRIUMFScientistMaleNuclear Astrophysics3ruiz@triumf.ca
Ben AireyUniversity of ManitobaUndergradMaleAstrophysics3benjaminjohnairey@gmail.com
Ben DringoliMcGill UniversityMasters StudentMaleExperimental Condensed Matter / Ultrafast Optics4dringoli@physics.mcgill.ca
Joseph MacMillanUniversity of Ontario Institute of TechnologyAssociate Teaching ProfessorMaleAstrophysics, Physics Education3joseph.macmillan@uoit.ca
Mirjam Fines-NeuschildUniversité de MontréalPhD StudentFemaleDiversity issues in physics (PhD in physics & communication)4mirjam.fines-neuschild@umontreal.ca
Suzanne TalonUniversité de MontréalDirectrice généraleFemmeAstrophysique3
Steve DodgeSimon Fraser UniverstiyFacultyMaleCondensed matter physics2
Sarah GallagherWestern UniversityAssociate ProfessorFastrophysics3sgalla4@uwo.ca
Tami Pereg-BarneaMcGillAssociate professorFemaleCondensed Matter Theory2
Brian VidlerUniversity of British ColumbiaEngineering Physics Co-op CoordinatorMaleCooperative Education Coordinator for Engineering Physics Students2brianvidler@shaw.ca